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This is a very noble Sencha with a very balanced composition.

One can note the elegance of the Asatsuyu tea shrub from a shade culture combined with the typical character of the Sencha of the Yabukita shrub.

The Sencha Kirishima Tokujou from the Hayashi family garden is a round and extremely elegant composition.

Both tea leaves of the shaded culture (kabuse-saibai) and the unshaded culture (roji-sabai) were used here.

The color of the cup impresses with its bright and intense green. In the infusion, the two sweet shades (Amami) and Umami are perfectly balanced.

Since 1897, the Hayashi family garden has stood on a plateau in the Kirishima Mountains.

Founded by the great-great-grandfather, it is now in the hands of the fifth generation family by Shutaro Hayashi.

The small room in which the tea is processed is centrally located between the relatively small plots of the tea garden.

The unusually short distances between freshly harvested tea leaves and subsequent processing ensure production without any trace of oxidation.

Garden: Shutaro Hayashi

Terroir: Kirishima (region), Kagoshima (prefecture), Japan

Cultivar: Yabukita, Asatsuyu

Organic certification since 1993


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