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Very high quality delicious Matcha Miumori from Kirishima, frequently used for the Japanese tea ceremony.

With a taste marked by a superb Umami and a great sweetness, this tea is very appreciated by Matcha fans for daily and affordable consumption. After having been shaded under netting for three weeks, the young tea leaves from the first spring harvest are steamed before being dried and transformed into Tencha (from which the stems and veins will have been removed by hand). Then, the leaves are slowly passed through a stone grindstone so as to obtain an ultra fine powder with a fluorescent green color.

Rich in theine and other nutrients, matcha is very stimulating, and also brings well-being thanks to its high theanine content.

Garden: Shutaro Hayashi

Terroir: Kirishima (region), Kagoshima (prefecture), Japan

Cultivar: Oku Midori

Shading: full, more than 20 days


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