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A true delight among Hojichas. For this otherwise rather simple type of tea, Watanabe uses exceptionally noble leaves, the first-harvest shaded Sencha leaves, only lightly roasted. The result shines in the tea bowl and convinces with a subtly roasted note of hazelnut and a hint of caramel, which is unusual for this type of tea. With this, Keita Watanabe proves that superior quality is also possible with Hojicha!


The tea's name, 'KOU-UN' (香 雲), literally means 'cloud of fragrance' and figuratively 'flowering trees resembling clouds,' as its fragrance plays a significant role.

Hojicha is a variety of roasted green tea. It is gentle on the stomach and low in caffeine, making it an ideal companion for meals and evenings, and it also has a wonderfully refreshing taste. Usually, Houjicha teas are made from coarser foliage from later harvests, are roasted much more strongly, and can also have a strong, earthy, and smoky taste of leather, cocoa, or nuts.


Garden: Watanabe Family

Terroir: Kyūshū (region)

Kagoshima (prefecture), Japan


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