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This Genmaicha is a blend of Sencha, produced by Shutaro Hayashi using leaves from the seeds of Zairai tea trees, and grilled organic rice.

Using thinner leaves, this tea can be easily brewed with both hot and slightly cool water. Delicious scents of cereals, slightly bitter tea leaves which facilitates its infusion. In Japan, Genmaicha is often served with meals.

“Mukashi” in Japanese refers to an ancient time in the past. In Shutaro Hayashi's tea garden, the past is felt through the shoots of “zairai” tea plants, the leaves of which were also used for this tea. Zairai shrubs have accompanied the tea garden for over 100 years and through five generations of tea makers.

Garden: Shutaro Hayashi

Terroir: Kirishima (region), Kagoshima (prefecture), Japan

Cultivar: Asatsuyu


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