Aesthetics and purpose go hands in hands in crafts and the ceramics I make are meant to be reached, touched, felt and used.

Eva Kengen's vessels are a support, a medium transmitting an emotion, the first lines of a story, which is yours to write.



Wedging, centering, opening the clay to create space and to shape the void are all meditative steps leading to a certain piece, at a precise moment.

Being present in the creative process is essential for Eva Kengen, as she believes that the maker's energy remains, somehow, in the piece.



Tea bowls are meant to be included in rituals, at a slow pace. They reflect the rythm of the maker, from maker to user.

Take your time to consider the weight, textures and surfaces of the chawans.

I hope that they will transmit you joy and serenity. 



Materials: grey stoneware from Germany, glazes from personal research: tin matte white, oak wood ashes and Chun glazes. 


Care: hand wash with care is preferable.These objects will evolve with their use, bearing the marks of time.  Not suitable for the oven. Microwave not recommended. 


About the maker:

Eva Kengen is a Belgian potter currently living and working in the Luxembourg province. 

Her ceramics journey began in Japan in 2013 while staying at a pottery studio. She then trained with Véronique Bogaert in Brussels and with numerous ceramicists in Barcelona where she established her studio before returning to Belgium in 2020.

All her pieces are thrown on the potter's wheel with a strong focus on using locally sourced materials, for a more sustainable practice of the craft. 

Her work can be find in gastronomic restaurants all over Europe and in stores in Paris, Copenhagen and Tokyo.